Samuel Kerr

Oliver Reed

Alex Higgins

George Best

Peter Cook

Keith Floyd

Jack Kerouac

Billie Holiday

Jackson Pollock

Serge Gainsbourg

Hank Williams

Townes Van Zandt

Truman Capote

Veronica Lake

Jack Wild


This collection of wine bottles formed an art installation for the Planet Of The Grapes wine bar in London. Intended as a 'drink responsibly' campaign, each of the bottles represents an alcoholic from popular culture who sadly met their demise at the hands of their addiction. Each bottle was wall-mounted in its own casket, overlooking unsuspecting quaffers. 

Head down to the bar to celebrate life or drown your sorrows under the watchful eyes of the Dead Drunks.

"It’s beautifully done, and reminds you to take yourself home instead of polishing off another bottle and passing out on the stairs." - AA Gill